I wish to provide people with a widened sense of possibility and connection. Our lives are increasingly focused on speed, property, and distinction from others, yet such pursuits leave us feeling perennially dislocated, inadequate, and dissatisfied. A sense of wonder, of what-might-be, of freedom from fear, seems less and less 'real.'  I try to welcome broader thought patterns via invitations to pause and reflect.  Ultimately, I want my work to open imaginative spaces that bring renewed appreciation for the present and hope for the future.

This is the aim that consistently directs my work.  Many of my installations are portals that hold the allure of promised travel, yet are passable only through flights of the mind.   Others are specifically targeted at linking people into communities by articulating shared fundamentals.  My sculptural works stand as markers of some other register of possibility, and hopefully catalyze such imaginings for the viewer.  My photographs are documents of improbable but actual phenomena, demonstrations of the richness of the world as it is.

Read statement for Time Switch Series, 2010