David A. Parker
Parker: Spirit to Swallow Mountains & Rivers


Hallelujah (哈利路亚), found objects glued to printed canvas, 23.6" x 31.5" [60 x 80 cm], 2012

One of 4 works made for the 2012 artist residency in Zhang Jia Jie, China. I found objects locally (holiday light bulbs, toy dinosaur, printed matter) and glued them to the surface of a tourism photo of Zhang Jia Jie, found online and printed to canvas. The work is an effort to complicate impressions of the place beyond its "flat" status as tourist destination. This one addresses the complex relations between the "Avatar" film and Zhang Jia Jie national park, which changed the name of one of its mountains in an apparent gesture to capture tourism interest inspired by the film. Chinese title assistance from artists Zhou Yuejia and Wu Tianyi. Click for detail image.

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