David A. Parker
Parker: Time Switch

Time Switch Series No. 2: Above and Below, archival inkjet print, edition 10, image size 10.6" h x 4" w, 2010

Text from accompanying artist book:

A view of Derby Road, which runs east-west in Thornton, Illinois. Drive on it and the berms on either side mask the startling juxtaposition: the Thornton Quarry to the north, and Homewood Memorial Gardens to the south.
The Thornton Quarry is the largest limestone quarry in North America.
Limestone is created by the accumulation of organic remains. The quarry stone is rich with fossilized organisms.
It is an active quarry, over 400 feet deep. The stone is extracted for processing into concrete, plaster and other products. In this way, the quarry is a vast cemetery - one whose inhabitants continually move on to other things.

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