David A. Parker
Parker: Time Switch

Time Switch Series No. 7: Fountain of Time, archival inkjet print, edition 10, image size 11.6" h x 17" w, 2010

Text from accompanying artist book:

Fountain of Time is a sculpture created by Lorado Taft in 1920 after 14 years of labor and is said to be the first work of art made from concrete. It is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.
Taft was inspired by poet Austin Dobson: “Time goes, you say? Ah, no, Alas, time stays, we go.”
The hulking figure of Father Time watches the parade of humanity pass from right to left, which is also north to south. If they keep walking for about 20 miles, they will fall into the Thornton Quarry.
Robert, my college roommate, stands bisected in the empty basin, an understudy to Time.
Dobson and Taft were right; Time stays in Hyde Park, while Robert has gone back home.

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